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FREE Facility Lighting Audit

  • Lighting upgrades typically pay for themselves in just 12 months, so savings can be substantial considering that up to 70% of your electricity bill can be attributed to lighting, depending on your industry.
  • Lightning Mobile Electric will perform a free lighting audit of your entire facility: Interior, exterior (including parking lot & landscape lighting), emergency lighting, lighting controls and signage. We will also provide a complimentary quote, tailored to your business - including available rebates!

FREE Electrical System Inspection

  • The needs of modern businesses vary greatly than those before us - think computers, EV Charging Stations & more - but many of the buildings are not able to handle the load the additional equipment requires.
  • Lightning Mobile Electric will provide a free electrical system inspection to ensure that it can withstand the needs of your business. This will include a complimentary quote outlining items that may need immediate repair, items that you can repair before they become more costly, as well as suggestions for system better performance and electrical safety throughout your building.

Lightning Mobile Electric, LLC is a premier electrical contractor specializing in performing the electrical service needs of the retail, commercial and industrial communities.