Light Pole Installation & Removal

The professionals at Lightning Mobile Electric have years of experience assisting businesses nationwide with commercial light pole installation and removal. We have the equipment and expertise required to get the job done correctly, safely, and efficiently from the start. Let us conduct a free assessment of your existing pole lights and discuss your upcoming removal and setting needs.

How Do You Remove a Light Pole?

The light pole removal process requires specific skills and equipment. In short, Lightning Mobile Electric technicians assess the property, the poles that need to be removed, as well as any faults causing any of the lights to not work properly. They will also determine what equipment is needed to complete the job, often being heavy machinery and put together a project plan.

From there, rigging is set up to take the pole down safely and securely. Once the rigging is set, the fixture is then taken out by cutting through and removing the base allowing the pole to be lifted away and further disassembled. Depending on your project’s unique needs, a new fixture can then be put in its place.

Working with a professional for this process will ensure that everything is done correctly from the start and make sure that the project meets the current safety standards. Professionals are also able to determine the best lighting system for your property to increase efficiency and save money, providing a start to finish solution.

Light Pole Installation Process

You may be asking, how do you install a street light pole? Light pole installation differs from job to job, however, generally there are 2 processes that can be performed; direct burial or an anchor based installation process.

Direct burial is when the pole is installed into a hole in the ground and then filled with backfill or cement to secure it. Lighter material such as aluminum or fiberglass based poles are typically used in this process.

Anchor based installations require the pole to be anchored to a secure structure like a concrete pier by using base plates, anchor bolts, and nuts. Heavy steel poles can be used in this process.

Using either process, it is important to have your light poles installed properly the first time to ensure that they are structurally safe, straight, and that all components are properly fit.

Uses and Benefits of Pole Lighting

Pole lighting mainly offers visibility and safety for commercial outdoor spaces such as parking lots, patios, walkways, parks, and streets. Maintaining lighting around your building and parking lot will help avoid accidents and injuries. Additionally, well placed light poles will also increase your curb appeal and make it easy for people to enter your business.

Consequences of Improperly Placed or Damaged Light Poles

Light poles are often critical for security and mandated under county and state regulations for illumination, strength, resistance, and light distribution. Not removing or repairing a damaged pole can lead to an expensive replacement, bodily or property damage, and even state issued penalties. Consulting a professional like LME, will help you determine the best options for removal of old pole lighting systems and a future maintenance plan for improved systems.

Why Do Light Poles Need to be Removed?

In every business, eventually things change and grow. Light pole removal can become necessary when equipment deteriorates or becomes damaged or even unnecessary and just needs to be removed all together.

Other scenarios that we often see are businesses with poles that have the wrong base plates or bolt patterns that don’t match, pole bases that are unattractive, worn out, or damaged, low light beam patterns that are dim and ineffective, and improper installation from the start.

Costs of Light Pole Removal and Installation

We often get the question, how much does it cost to install a light pole? In general, the cost to install a light pole and cost to remove a light pole vary per job and customer. There are many factors that play into the cost such as location, the type of installation (direct burial or anchor), the material used for the pole and fixture, and the amount of poles being installed and removed. Call us today to discuss the unique details of your project.

Things to Consider When Installing Pole Lights

Pole lighting for your business needs to be made from high-quality material and properly placed to withstand the elements for long periods of time. Additionally, the type of fixtures used on light poles are important and unique to your specific needs.

Experienced electricians at Lightning Mobile Electric can guide you step-by-step through the light pole process from beginning to end. We will help you choose and install everything you need to light up your outdoor space or fix an existing damaged pole. Our team at Lightning Mobile Electric is experienced in commercial lighting services for all types of lighting projects. We will work with your business from start to finish with individual attention and support. Call us today!

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