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Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

April 21, 2020

In the past decade or so, there has been a growing demand for electric vehicles (better known as EVs). Tesla innovated this, and now more companies are catching on to this technology. With the rising cost of fuel in the world, EVs have posed significant advantages for customers given their decreasing prices and the low operating costs associated with the cars. It goes without saying that switching to EVs has now become a necessity rather than a luxury. If you are a business owner, you need to get in touch with an electrical contractor to install charging stations for these vehicles. But why is it important and why do you have to consider making this investment?

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations

_The importance of EV charging stations (Image Source: Walmart) _

Hiring a Colorado electrical contractor for your charging station might be costly in the beginning. But this cost will pay off in the long run because of these benefits to your business:

  • Electric vehicles are gaining traction. In the United States alone, there has been an exponential growth in electric vehicles, and sales for them have grown by 32% each year. It is even predicted that by the year 2025, 10% of all vehicle sales will be attributed to EVs. It is no longer a case of whether this type of vehicle will become mainstream as this is already the reality that is happening in society. By installing charging stations, you can tap into this specific market to help give your business a boost.
  • It helps to future-proof your business. As mentioned above, the predictions for the rise of EVs is very promising. If you want your business to survive and stay competitive, then this is an essential feature you need to have. It is believed that environmentally sound choices when it comes to vehicle purchase are going to surge in the next few years. This type of installation is going to be a smart future-proofing move for your business.
  • It will make you stand out from competition. Installing EV charging stations is not just about thinking of the future. It also makes your business stand out from competition today. It offers a unique value proposition to your customers.
  • It provides an essential business facility for your clients. Apart from your actual service, providing infrastructure and facilities that offer convenience and practicality to your clients can make a good impression. It is one way that you can offer better amenities within your business premises.
  • It supports sustainability and showcases brand values. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why your business needs to install a charging station for EVs with the help of an electrical contractor. It is a great way to showcase your brand’s awareness on key environmental issues, as well as its support for sustainability measures. A lack of EV charging stations could signal a lack of environmental focus, which is not something that you would want to showcase to your customers. This type of infrastructure is also a great way to exemplify your brand’s forward-thinking approach.

Considerations When Installing Charging Stations

Once you have decided to install an EV charging station for your business, it is important to get it done right the first time. One of the primary considerations when you install charging stations for EVs is the installation requirements. You need to secure all the necessary permits from engineering, electrical, and city planning experts. An EV charging station is not simply plug-and-play technology so expect to adhere to strict codes set by your city. You should also take into account the existing land and the underground work needed, as well as compliance and parking enforcement.

Another key consideration is the payment model and processing. This type of charging station runs on a pay-as-you-go model. Therefore, it is important to invest in a reliable payment model that will facilitate the billing rates and processing.

As already mentioned, electric vehicles are fast becoming the norm these days. There are a growing number of consumers opting for electric vehicles and this is for a good reason.

Electric vehicles are not only practical and convenient, they are also connected and fun to use. Buying one helps to reduce carbon emissions and can save you money in the long run. If that is not enough to convince you to make a switch, then what will?

The use of electric vehicles offers benefits not available to the conventional combustion engine vehicles. EVs are highly responsive, thanks to their quick reacting motors. Charging EVs is also very convenient since “fueling up” can be controlled using a smartphone app. Nowadays, charging stations are becoming widely available, which provides another incentive to drive this kind of vehicle. With a growing number of EVs on the road, expect businesses and public utilities to provide charging stations in the near future. Will you be one of them?

Hire an Electrical Contractor to Install EV Charging Stations

Hire an Electrical Contractor to Install EV Charging Stations

The advantages of switching to EVs. (Image Source: Unsplash)

If you are ready to install EV charging stations for your business, turn to Lightning Mobile Electric. We are a leading provider of Denver electrical contractor services and are well-versed in installation, troubleshooting and repair of any electrical component within your business. We provide 24/7 emergency support for all of our services, from EV charging stations to complete service upgrades. If you would like to talk to us about installing EV charging stations, or anything you need to stay connected to this ever-moving world, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Need something else, or you’re not quite sure what you need? Submit a service request online. We can perform an assessment of your electrical system and provide genuine feedback to help you save money on repairs and get in front of serious issues early so you can just sit back and watch your business (and your bank account) grow.

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